It’s almost real

We are finally set on all the legal/real-estate items related to the farm.  It took a while to get things squared away, but we are all set to close in mid-June.  We met the people who own the farm now and they are incredibly nice.  We had a lot in common and they have been very helpful in terms of letting us know about all the ins and outs of owning a farm.

Now, we have to get our house ready for sale and that’s going to take a while, but we will be moving in slowly to the farm over the next two or three months.  We already have several lists of things to do and a long, long list of things we’d like to do.

The first thing I need to work on is getting the small barn ready.  It doesn’t have any real ventilation so there is mold that will need to be remediated and then I’ll put in a window or two, some vents on the roof and finally finish the interior with insulation and wallboard to make it more comfortable in both winter and summer.  The Chicken Coops are going to be next on the list so that we can put some livestock (chickens) on the farm to give it some life.  After that, Amy and I will be re-designing the large barn with potentially more ventilation and re-arranged stalls.  Then we’ll tackle the fencing to see what needs to be done in order to bring in August.

The adventure awaits.

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  1. Auggie told me he can’t wait to move to Grandma and Grandpa’s house and meet his chicken cousin Vanessa… lol

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