Be careful what you wish for…Or dream come true?

Well..the verdict is still out. Will the reality match the hopes and dreams? I love Colorado and go there frequently on vacations. As I was driving through the mountains with the sun setting in a blaze of glorious colors one summer evening on vacation, I  wondered if I lived there would it ever become mundane? Would I be hurrying through life as so frequently happens here, my mind full of things to do, people to see….etc, etc. and not notice the mountains? Or would I  travel down that road and just stop and look and listen to the beauty of the world before me, no matter how many “things” I had to do.

I was always a city girl. I loved going downtown throughout my whole childhood. I worked there after college and for a short stint lived there. I was actually afraid of the country. Too remote, long country roads without seeing another car. Nothing to do, no stores, restaurants. Somewhere along the journey of life, that all changed. My daughter was born and her first word was horse. We ended up frequently being out in the country at whatever stable she was currently riding at. I began to love the long country roads, the sight of horses lazily grazing in pastures. Farms, barns, sunsets, beautiful ponds and little creeks. I wasn’t born country, but I began to love it.

So the dream of owning a place in the country has become a reality. Will I take it for granted or will I be ever grateful for its peaceful and quiet setting? The same question I asked myself all those years ago in Colorado is now on my mind again. Hmmmm…

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  1. Let the country and farm life remind you to set your intentions for slowing down and enjoying every moment!! Love you Mama ❤️

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