Our Story

We started thinking seriously about moving to a farm after our daughter adopted a Mustang from the BLM.  He needed a place to stay and we wanted to get out into the country.

We both have successful careers and we didn't move that far away from the city, just over 60 miles, but we moved far enough to have plenty of land for August, one or two other horses, some chickens, a serious organic garden and maybe some goats.

Now that we have made the decision to move, things are falling into place and we have to shed a lot of things we've been holding on to for years.  That's the good news and the bad news, but mostly it's the good news.

Meet the Team

In order to make this farm run successfully, we'll need to do a lot of work together (well, Guinness is just going to find another couch).  This is the primary team, and we'll have a lot of help from family and friends as we go along.

John Leading August 2018

John Fisher

Neo Farmer


Jeanne Fisher

Heart and Soul of the Family


Guinness T Hounddog

Couch Potato